Three Reasons Wool Carpet Is A Great Choice For Homes With Kids

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Three Reasons Wool Carpet Is A Great Choice For Homes With Kids

29 July 2015
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When carpeting a home with kids, there are a lot of factors to consider. You want a carpet that's comfortable, does not stain easily, and does not require nasty chemicals to keep "clean." While there are some synthetic carpets that fit the bill, there's another option worth considering: wool.

Wool carpets offer a number of benefits for parents and their kids. Here's a look at just three of them.

Wool naturally repels moisture, so it's less prone to stains.

A child who loves grape juice and chocolate milk can leave a new carpet looking spotty and stained in no time. Wool, unlike most synthetic carpets, naturally repels moisture. It is naturally coated with a lipid called lanolin, which causes liquid to bead up on its surface. As long as you soak up a spill quickly, you should not have to worry about it leaving a mark on a wool carpet. This is great news when your child is adapting to a glass instead of a sippy cup or when you decide to have an impromptu slumber party (with snacks) in the living room.

Wool carpet does not let dust and dirt sink into it, so shampooing may not be needed.

Synthetic carpet fibers are not very tightly woven. When dust or crumbs land on the carpet, they easily get ground into its deeper layers and need to be removed via shampooing. Carpet shampooing with kids is a struggle because you have to keep them off the wet carpet for days, and because carpet shampoos contain chemicals you may not want your children exposed to. Wool carpet may not need shampooing, at least not nearly as often as a standard synthetic carpet. This is because its tight fibers keep dust and other small particles from sinking down into its depths. They can be removed with simple vacuuming.

However, if you want to keep your wool carpet extra clean, you can hire a carpet cleaning service like ALL STAR CARPET CARE & RESTORATION, and schedule a cleaning while your kids are at daycare or in school.

Wool is a natural material and can be dyed with natural ingredients, so it does not give off VOCs.

VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, can cause health effects like fatigue, throat irritation, and skin irritation. You certainly do not want to subject your child to these ailments. Many synthetic carpets give off VOCs. However, since wool is a natural material, it does not give off these potentially dangerous compounds. Just make sure the wool carpet you purchase is dyed with natural substances, since artificial dyes can also cause VOC emission.

Wool is a safe, easy-to-clean carpet material for a home, making it the perfect choice for your kids. Wool carpets are also comfortable under foot and stand up to heavy wear; they're great for the busy lifestyle that comes with being a parent.