Small Business Owner? Two Tips To Help You Get Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

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Small Business Owner? Two Tips To Help You Get Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

18 July 2016
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As a small business owner, you likely understand the importance of keeping your facility neat and tidy.  It's good for your employees because it gives them a sanitary environment to work in, and it also bodes well for customers, because few patrons will continue to frequent a business that is unclean.  However, if it's becoming difficult for you to keep the place clean on your own, you may need outside help.  This means that your company will have the additional expense of paying a cleaner, and you may not be sure if it's in the budget.  Use this information to learn how to get affordable commercial cleaning services so your business facility always looks good.

Ask For A Flat Rate

The first thing you'll want to do when you're getting estimates on commercial cleaning is ask if a flat rate is available.  This could be the key to helping you save big.

Some commercial cleaning companies will charge according to square footage.  If you have a relatively large facility, the cost could end up being quite expensive because they are looking at the size of the place, rather than the scope of what they'll be doing.

However, if you're able to let the commercial cleaning company know that you'll do certain tasks yourself if they agree to a flat rate, you may be able to cut down the costs.  If this means regularly taking out your own trash; do it.  The cleaning company may be charged with things like vacuuming or changing coffee filters in the break room, but if you agree to pull your weight no matter how large your structure is, you may be able to cut a deal.

Ask For Automatic Payments

Another way that your business may be able to save on commercial cleaning expenses is by asking for automatic payments.  If the cleaning service owner knows that you're willing to allow them to automatically withdraw the payments, your rate could go down.

Understand that the commercial cleaning service owner is in business just like yourself, and that they depend upon timely payments from clients in order to keep themselves afloat.  If you agree to automatic payments, it essentially lets them know that they can depend on your payment.  The reliability may cause them to give you a discount.

Commercial cleaning services can lend an incredible sense of calm when it comes to keeping your business facility clean.  Start using these tips right away so you can get this valuable service without breaking the bank. Contact a business, such as Spectrum Building Svcs., for more information.