The Advantages of Power Washing Your Home

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The Advantages of Power Washing Your Home

22 April 2017
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There are different ways to make your home look great again. Time and the elements can most definitely play a huge roll on the look of your home. There is a good possibility that you have taken great care of your home, but it is time to do something about the exterior. Something that you can do that not many people think of is power wash your home. House power washing is going to give you a couple different advantages that will make your home look very good. Here are just a few things that you can do with a power washer and your home.


Many power washers have the ability to deep clean a great deal of dirt off of your siding or brick. You need to be very careful because the power washer can do damage to the home. So, set it on a fairly low setting and put soap in the washer. Most power washers will have a spot for soap. You will want to start at a corner of the home where nobody can see and then try it out there. If it looks like it is truly cleaning the home then continue to wash your home. If it is a little bit to aggressive then you will want to dial the pressure back a little bit. If it is not hard enough then you can add some pressure.

Peel Paint

Some old homes are in desperate need of a new paint job. The problem is that the old paint is going to be lead paint, and there can be a great deal of dirt and other debris behind the paint. In order to peel the pain many people will try to use a paint thinner and can spend a great deal of time trying to remove the old paint. If you have a high quality pressure washer you are going to be able to strip that paint right off of the home. Once again you are going to want to start in a corner where nobody can see. Once you find the perfect setting you will be able to peel that paint right off of the old home. It may truly amaze you just how easy it is to use a power washer, and how quickly it can take the paint off of the home. Just make sure that you pay attention the entire time that you are washing because it can do damage to the home.