What Could Cold Weather Mean For Your Facility's Carpet?

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What Could Cold Weather Mean For Your Facility's Carpet?

26 September 2017
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The return of cold weather means you must be hypervigilant about your facility's carpet. There are several issues that could leave the carpet unattractive and unsanitary for your staff and customers. To help you stay on top of the possible issues that could occur, here is what you need to know about maintaining the carpeting throughout the winter months:

What Could Happen?

With the cold weather comes special challenges to keeping your facility's carpet clean, such as salt stains. Rock salt will help to make your parking lot safer for customers and staff, but the salt that is tracked into the facility will leave behind horrible white stains that can stiffen and damage your carpet.

Another possible issue you could face is water damage. It is not uncommon for facilities to experience burst pipes. When the water in the pipes start to freeze, the pipes expand, and water goes shooting everywhere. The water combined with dirt can leave your carpets stained with mud.

Your facility will likely rely on the HVAC system to keep the interior of the building warm on cold days. Unfortunately, the HVAC system collects dust and other particles throughout the year and blows them out when the heater is turned on. Not only could this lead to dust throughout the facility, but illness spreading to your staff as they work in the environment.

What Can You Do?

Fortunately, there are several ways you can take care of the carpeting in your facility and ensure it is safe and sanitary for everyone. You can start by placing mats at the entrances to your building. If presented with the option to wipe water and dirt from their shoes, most people will take the opportunity. The mats alone could help with the appearance of the carpet.

You also need to bump up the number of times that the carpeting is vacuumed. If the carpeting is not being vacuumed daily, the dirt, salt, and other debris that does end up on it will have time to settle and stain. It will be more challenging to get it out of the carpet.

In addition to these measures, you need to schedule a professional cleaning of the carpet. You might need to have the carpeting clean more than once throughout the season. Taking this measure could make the difference between keeping your carpet in good condition and needing to replace it sooner than expected. 

Contact a facility carpet cleaning service for more information and assistance.