Three Tips For Addressing Your Fire Damage Restoration Needs

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Three Tips For Addressing Your Fire Damage Restoration Needs

7 February 2018
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A fire is one of the most damaging incidents that can occur to a building. While it is often possible to contain the damage from a fire, the process of cleaning up after one of these events will likely be far more complicated and difficult than you may have anticipated.

Understand The Type Of Cleanup Work That Will Be Required After A Fire

It can be easy for a person to assume that the fire's flames will be the only source of damage to the building. However, it is possible for a fire to fill an entire structure with thick smoke that can leave behind soot and residue throughout the home. Additionally, the water or fire retardant that was used to extinguish the flames will also need to be cleaned up. While it may seem like you could complete this work yourself, there may be toxins that were created by the intense heat interacting with chemicals and other materials. By appreciating the extent and dangers of the cleaning that will be required, you can better appreciate the benefits of hiring a professional fire damage restoration service.

Consult With Your Insurance Prior To Hiring A Fire Damage Cleanup Service

The costs of restoring a building following a fire can be rather high. As a result, you will likely need the assistance of your insurance policy for these repair costs. Unfortunately, some people may fail to consult with their insurance before they start to take steps to restore the building. However, it is important to know the deductible for your policy, the type of fire damage restoration services that are covered along with a list of local providers that will accept your insurance. By learning this information from your insurance agent before scheduling for these repairs, you can avoid situations where you may be surprised by the requirements or limitations of your insurance coverage.

Have A Preference For Cleanup Services That Offer Warranty Protection For Their Work

When you are choosing a restoration service for your fire damage, you may want to limit yourself to providers that offer warranty coverage for this work. If the contractor fails to thoroughly restore the damaged area or if they cause additional damages in the process of doing this cleaning, a warranty can protect you as it will require the contractor to redo or otherwise finish the work that they started. For this reason, you may want to choose the repair service that has the broadest coverages for their warranties.

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