Floor Cleaning Basics: What To Think About Before Choosing A Cleaning Product

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Floor Cleaning Basics: What To Think About Before Choosing A Cleaning Product

25 August 2018
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When it comes to keeping your floors clean, there are a lot of options for cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, many of them have chemicals in them that you might not want to use in your home or office building. It can be difficult to know what is acceptable to use on your floors and what might cause damage or leave an unsightly film behind. Before you jump to buying or making the first cleaning solution you come across, here are some tips to help you avoid a floor-cleaning disaster:

Know Your Floors

This is essential -- you can't pick anything to clean your floors unless you know exactly what they are. If you're not positive whether those hardwood floors are actual hardwood or manufactured flooring, contact a flooring specialist in your area. You can have them inspected and evaluated to know exactly what materials those floors or tiles are made of; this will help you avoid buying something that could damage them. The flooring specialist can even tell you what types of ingredients and products to avoid, or what could be the best for your particular floor.

Test Carefully

Any time you buy a new cleaner, don't jump feet first into cleaning the whole floor. Start with a small spot that's out of the way so that if it does cause damage or leave residue, you won't have to fight with it in the middle of the floor. Clean that small space like you would the rest of the floor. If you really want to avoid any potential damage, you can buy flooring samples from your local store, but remember that this won't allow you to identify any possible interactions with finishes or products that have been used on your floors in the past. It's best to treat a small area first and let everything dry. Wait a day or two and make sure that it doesn't alter the finish.

Consider All Variables

Remember that there are many things that can affect the way that your floors come out after cleaning. For example, if you have hard water it can leave a film on your floors or make it harder to rinse away the cleaning solution. Use bottled water if needed to avoid this.

If the floors have been treated with a wax product or other floor sealer, these can interact with your cleaning solutions as well. If you've just moved into the house, you may not have a way to know what has been used on the floors, so keep this in mind. Natural cleaners, like vinegar solutions, may be the safest option in cases like this.

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