What To Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Company About

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What To Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Company About

18 September 2018
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If you own or manage a commercial property, then it's your responsibility to ensure that every building gets cleaned at least once a week. However, it may be nice to have them cleaned at the end of each and every day. If you are in the market for a new commercial cleaning company to help you get the job done, then this article is for you. To ensure that you get the ultimate commercial cleaning experience, this article will list a few different things to ask them about. 

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is notorious for harboring an obscene number of germs and bacteria, and the only real way to kill them is with some steam. Although you won't need your commercial cleaning company to steam clean your carpets every night or every week, see if they can do it every quarter; that way you can keep your carpets really clean and they typically last longer. 

Window Washing

Windows can get extremely dirty; especially as we are nearing the colder temperatures with snow, rain, and a lot of wind. To make sure that your commercial building really stays in tip-top shape, consider asking your commercial cleaning company if they do professional window washing as well. Window washers usually don't just do the exterior of your commercial building but they do the interior as well, giving your tenants a much clearer view outside. Just make sure that your commercial cleaning company has the proper insurance just in case they were to fall while they are cleaning the windows on the outside of your building. 

Grout Cleaning

Another thing that you should ask your commercial cleaning company about is professional grout cleaning for your public restrooms and even the lobby if it has tile or marble in it. Professional grout cleaning is great because it helps to get out any dirt that's caked onto the grout, and it gives the space a much newer-looking appearance. When asking your commercial cleaning company about grout cleaning, make sure to ask them if they use professional-grade cleaning products or if they use steam to get the grout as clean as possible. 

Hiring a commercial cleaning company to help clean your commercial building on a regular basis is one of the best things that you can do to ensure that your building stays in great shape while you have a bunch of different tenants that are renting from you.