Mistakes To Avoid When Keeping Your Wool Carpet Clean

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Mistakes To Avoid When Keeping Your Wool Carpet Clean

14 October 2018
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If you have recently moved into a home with wool carpet, you may be a little uncertain as to how to keep it clean without harming its appearance or fibers. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while trying to keep your wool carpet clean.

Setting the Vacuum Cleaner's Height Too Low

One of the key ways you can keep your wool carpet clean and looking lustrous is to vacuum it regularly. However, if you vacuum it incorrectly, you may end up mashing and pulling the fibers, causing permanent damage to the carpet.

For other types of carpet, you may be used to setting the height of the vacuum cleaner as low as possible to ensure that you pull up any deep dirt. Doing so with wool carpet can cause pulls in the fibers and undo the weave, eventually creating bare spots.

When you do vacuum, set the vacuum cleaner so that the beater lightly brushes the top of the pile. Doing so will still keep the carpet clean without damaging the wool.

Scrubbing a Stain

Another mistake you should avoid that can also damage the wool fibers is attempting to clean a stain by scrubbing it away. Scrubbing even small sections of the wool twists the fibers, which could create permanent lines and indentations in the surface.

Instead of scrubbing, use a clean white cloth to blot the stain. Do not use any cloth with colors, as the dyes may run and discolor the wool, which easily soaks up them up. Also, use a cloth that is almost dry, as too much water could damage the wool.

Cleaning Only One Spot on the Carpet

Even after you have cleaned a stain, you should always clean the entire carpet along with it. If you only clean one area, any moisture will bleed out around the stain into the dryer fibers.

When this happens, a halo forms around the stain, leaving an ugly mark on your carpet. Once the stain has been removed, use a rug cleaner specially designed for wool carpets, or contact a carpet cleaning service to clean the rug for you.

Avoiding the above mistakes while cleaning your wool carpet can help you keep up its appearance and reduce the risk of damage. However, if you are still unsure of how to thoroughly clean the carpet, or it has become extremely dirty, contact some local carpet cleaning services to discuss your options for having them deep clean your wool carpet for you.