Know The Best Times To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

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Know The Best Times To Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

25 May 2019
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Some households don't have their carpet cleaned enough, other households have their carpet cleaned too much, and many have their carpet cleaned at the wrong time. The wrong time to have your carpet cleaned can depend on weather conditions, lifestyle choices, and many other considerations. You can learn about the best times for you to have your carpet professionally carpet cleaned by reviewing the information being offered to you here.

Have your carpet cleaned after winter

If you have your carpet professionally cleaned before winter comes, then you have done it only to become frustrated when you continuously see rain-soaked shoes, muddy shoes, and even snowy boots track across your recently cleaned carpet. Along with the moisture also comes the mud; the small particles of leaves and other debris that will wipe off on your 'clean' carpet.

Have your carpet cleaned after your puppy is housetrained

If you are going to be bringing home a new puppy soon, or you just got one, then you want to wait until the puppy is housetrained before you have your carpet professionally cleaned. When you wait for the right time to have your carpet cleaned, you won't be as upset when the puppy has an accident. You also won't end up with a bad smell in your house and carpet that you know is filthy because you have been seeing the piles and puddles appearing after you had the carpet cleaned.

Now, once your puppy has their housetraining down, then you definitely want to get someone in there to professionally clean the carpet to remove all of the leftover urine and fecal matter that you thought you removed, but really was absorbed by the pad and is still on the underneath the carpet.

Have your carpet cleaned before you move into a new place

If you are moving into a new place and you haven't seen proof of the carpeting already being professionally cleaned before your move-in, then you want to have it done on your own. By having the carpet cleaned before you even start to move in, the entire carpet can be cleaned without worrying about the need for moving a bunch of heavy and awkward furniture around to make sure as much gets cleaned as possible.

Have your carpet cleaned when your baby starts crawling

When you are having a baby, you don't want to have the carpet professionally cleaned too soon. If you have the carpet cleaned when your baby is still a newborn, for example, then you will be walking on that carpet for many months before your baby is really crawling around on it. However, cleaning it when you start to see your baby trying to scoot off their play pad means it will be much cleaner for them to crawl around on.

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