Risks Of Attempting To Clean A Crime Scene Yourself

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Risks Of Attempting To Clean A Crime Scene Yourself

15 July 2019
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If an assault, a suicide, or another serious similar event has taken place on a property that you own, your first instinct might be to clean it up yourself after the police have acquired all of the information that they need. While doing so might be a cost-saving endeavor, it's one that you don't want to pursue. Instead, you should contact a local crime scene cleanup company to deal with the issue. This type of service will be professional and quick, and can transform the space in a short amount of time. Here are some problems that could arise from you attempting to clean the scene yourself.

Risk Of Illness Or Injury

Cleaning a crime scene has its share of hazards, and unless you're protecting yourself with specialized gear and taking an extremely cautious approach, there's a risk that you could get injured or contract an illness. For example, some crime scenes have blood, and you don't know what illnesses might be present in the blood. If you were to clean this substance with an open wound on your hand, it's possible that you could contract whatever diseases are present. Similarly, if broken glass or other sharp surfaces are present, you could hurt yourself.

Emotional Trauma

There's little doubt that cleaning up a crime scene can be emotionally distressing, especially if you knew one of the people who was involved in the incident in question. For example, if your child was assaulted, cleaning up his or her blood from your driveway could be an emotional traumatizing experience. You're better off using the time after the assault to care for your child, as well as perhaps seek some care for yourself, given the trauma that you've endured. Trying to deal with the crime scene would only deepen your emotional wounds.

Drawing Out The Process

Because you likely don't have experience with cleaning crime scenes or the right gear to do this work, attempting to do the work yourself might take significantly longer than it should. This can especially be true if you're emotionally upset by the work, as you could break down a number of times before you finish the job, but you may also lack the proper equipment to proceed with the job quickly. This is a task that you don't want to drag out, but that's exactly what can happen when you tackle it on your own. By hiring a crime scene cleanup service, you'll be able to avoid each of the above unwanted issues.

For more information, contact a crime scene cleanup service in your area.