3 Tips To Help Keep Carpeting Clean In A Kid-Friendly Home

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3 Tips To Help Keep Carpeting Clean In A Kid-Friendly Home

11 October 2019
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Keeping the carpeting clean in a house filled with kids can be more challenging than you ever thought possible. When you invest in new carpeting, you want it to maintain that new look and smell for as long as possible. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you protect your new carpeting and keep it fresh and clean for as long as possible while sharing a home with kids.

Schedule Professional Cleanings

One thing that many people go years without doing is having their carpets professionally cleaned. This will shorten the life of the carpeting and cause it to stain and break down more quickly. Generally speaking, the carpets should be professionally cleaned about once a year. It may be necessary more often if your kids and pets are not the cleanest creatures and don't do well when it comes to keeping their messes off of the carpeting.

Scheduling these cleanings ahead of time and setting a reminder on your phone is the surest way to get this done – even if you want to wait until closer to the holidays or other special occasions to get it done, schedule it now so that you don't forget later.

Buy Washable Throw Rugs

There are some really great washable throw rugs being sold today. These rugs come in various sizes and styles and can be washed in a high-capacity washing machine. Instead of constantly having to scrub those little spots out of the carpeting between cleanings, you can cover the carpeting with the washable rugs, and when they get dirty, you can either toss them in your washing machine or send them out for laundering.

Tip: Invest in underlayment for the rug – it will hold it in position better and it keeps moisture from leaking through the rug into the carpeting.

Shoes off at the Door

One of the worst things you can do to your carpeting is to let everyone run through your house with their shoes on. Think about what you walk through each day – that's the stuff that you're tracking into the house all over your carpeting. Request that shoes be taken off at the door, and maybe, pick up a box of disposable shoe-covers for your guests that prefer to leave their shoes on.

Hopefully, these three tips will help you keep your carpeting looking great, smelling fresh, and feeling clean for years to come. A little work and a few adjustments are all it takes.

For more information, contact a carpet cleaning company.