3 Secrets Of Cleaning Up Crime Scenes

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3 Secrets Of Cleaning Up Crime Scenes

19 November 2019
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When a violent or messy crime occurs, after everything is investigated, someone has to come back through and clean up the crime scene. After crimes occur, a cleaning service that offers trauma scene clean-up comes back through and cleans up the crime scene. Crime scene clean-up is a messy and important business.

The Clean-Up Process Can Be Expensive

When it comes to cleaning up a crime scene, it is not a cheap task. Cleaning up a crime scene often involves cleaning up both tissues and fluids that extend beyond the immediate crime scene. Cleaners do their best to clean up the space and make it as good as new as they can. This can involve a lot of supplies and labor hours. Additionally, since this is a job that requires working with hazardous materials, the cleaners who work these jobs are paid hazardous job wages, as the work they are doing is not only dirty but can also be dangerous.

The Cleaners Need to Wear Personal Protective Gear

When it comes to cleaning up, the cleaners don't just come in wearing jeans and a t-shirt. Instead, they have to wear personal protective gear. They wear non-porous one-time-use suits for each crime scene. They also wear gloves and filtered respirators to further stay safe as well as special boots that cannot be damaged by dangerous chemicals. This isn't a normal cleaning job, and the workers that provide this service have to be provided with the right gear to keep themselves safe.

Hard-Core Cleaning Supplies Are Required

Next, although the cleaners will use some traditional cleaning supplies, such as mops, buckets, and cleaning brushes, much of the cleaning supplies needed for a crime scene are highly specialized cleaning supplies that are different than regular cleaning supplies.

For example, crime scenes often smell really bad, and odor doesn't just linger in the air—it can get stuck in the room as well. An ozone machine is brought in to remove the odors. A deodorization and odor control service is needed to make the room smell livable again.

To clean up the mess that is left behind, things like hospital-grade disinfectants and enzyme solvents that kill bacteria and viruses are used to clean up things such as human fluids. Industrial-strength deodorizers are used to further get rid of bad smells.

Additional cleaning tools are necessary, such as putty knives, razor blades, and steam-injection machines.

When it comes to cleaning up crime scenes, special cleaning companies are brought in. The cleaners have to wear expensive personal protective gear and hard-core cleaning supplies. This specialized clean-up is not cheap and requires multiple professionals to clean the space and get it smelling livable again. To learn more, contact a company like PuroClean of Northwest Fort Worth.