Preparing For An Air Duct Cleaning Session

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Preparing For An Air Duct Cleaning Session

18 December 2020
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If you recently decided to hire an air duct cleaning service to remove dust and bacteria buildup from your home's ductwork, you are making a wise choice for the health of your family. Air duct cleaning removes contaminants, improves the quality of the air, and can even reduce your energy bill. Here are steps to take to ensure the process is done successfully.

Remove Items From Key Areas

Before the cleaning service arrives, it is best to remove items from pathways they need to utilize to do the job properly. This includes furnishings blocking areas in need of cleaning. Locate each ventilation register, ceiling vents, and fans in your home and remove items within a few feet around them so workers have a clear path for using their machinery. Since most homes have several ventilation points, this task needs to be started several days before the cleaning service appointment to ensure you have enough time to prepare.

Check Vents For Areas Needing Repair

When an air duct cleaning service does its job, dust may settle around the home in areas where ductwork is not completely sealed as it should be. To reduce the dust dispersal and ensure the cleaning session is as effective as possible, check over ductwork yourself for areas in need of repair. Cracks and crevices in vents can be patched with pieces of electrical tape as a temporary measure. If you notice larger voids, point them out to the cleaning service when they show up for the job. They will use this information to determine the right locations for the insertion of their cleaning equipment to minimize debris accumulation.

Decide Upon Your Desired Location

Air duct cleaning is a loud process, as dust is pushed through the channels using high-quality machinery to remove it in its entirety. If you have small children or pets, they may be scared of the process. Set up a location in your home where those not wishing to be around the equipment are able to wait out the cleaning procedure with minimal disturbance. Many people schedule ductwork during warmer times of the year so they have the opportunity to remain outdoors while the process is going on. An alternative is to bring pets to a friend's home temporarily and have people living in the home take an outing during the procedure, returning an hour or so later to follow up with the air duct service.