How Often Should Your Carpets Get Cleaned? 3 Things To Consider

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How Often Should Your Carpets Get Cleaned? 3 Things To Consider

24 June 2021
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If you have carpeting in your home, you already know how much hair and debris can stick to it and how often you need to vacuum to keep it looking clean. If you have pets or children, it's extra hard to keep clean. All of this debris can eventually accumulate in the fibers of your carpeting and the vacuum is no longer effective in actually cleaning your carpeting. This is when having your carpets cleaned comes in. A carpet cleaner will deep clean your carpeting, removing bacteria and other dirt that your regular vacuum cannot clean for you. If you aren't sure how often you should have this done, read on for helpful information.

1. Do You Have Small Children?

If you have young children that play on the floor a lot or very young children whose toys sit directly on the carpeting, you may want to consider having your carpets cleaned every couple of months at the very least. Having your carpets cleaned helps ensure the bacteria in the carpeting is cleaned, not just the surface debris. Small children put everything into their mouths, and the carpeting may actually, at some point, be one of those things. To help give you peace of mind have your carpeting cleaned.

2. Do You Have Pets

Consider everywhere your pets walk, then consider what is coming into your home and onto your carpeting. Unless you deep clean your pet's paws when they come inside or get out of the litter box, your carpeting more than likely hosts a lot of bacteria you haven't exactly thought too much about. If you have pets, you may want to consider having your carpeting cleaned every couple of months, or at least every 6 months, especially if your pets have accidents in the house. Deep cleaning your carpeting can help remove these pet stains and keep your carpeting looking like new.

3. Do You Wear Shoes In The House

If you wear your shoes throughout the house, consider everything you are tracking into your home. Consider where you've taken those shoes on your feet and what you've walked through, which is now sitting on your carpeting. You may have noticed a path where you most commonly walk through your home, and it's because of what is on your feet when you walk through there. Having your carpeting cleaned often can help remove this path of dirt and bacteria. 

If you aren't sure how often you should have your carpets cleaned, a good rule of thumb is every six months. If you need to do it more often because you have pets that have accidents or you have small children, then do so to ensure your carpeting is clean and safe for your family. Hire a professional carpet cleaning company to have your carpets cleaned.