What Factors Should You Consider When Scheduling Office Cleaning Services?

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What Factors Should You Consider When Scheduling Office Cleaning Services?

29 November 2021
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Running a business can be overwhelming, and you might often forget to schedule office cleaning duties until you notice dust accumulating on desks. Besides being unsightly, an unclean office is unhealthy and could negatively affect the productivity of your employees. Scheduling janitorial services is better for you, your business, and your employees. So, how often should you schedule office cleaning? It depends on the following.

The Type of Cleaning Service the Office Needs

There are different types of cleaning— essential cleaning tasks that need to be done daily, regular cleaning tasks, and deep cleaning tasks that can be scheduled a couple of times a year. Essential cleaning tasks are everyday activities like cleaning and emptying the coffee machine, running the dishwasher, sanitizing high-touch surfaces, and cleaning any spillages around the office. You can schedule these services after work hours to minimize disruptions and to avoid hampering productivity.

Regular cleaning tasks should be scheduled several times a week. They include removing limescale, vacuuming, cleaning meeting rooms and desktops, wiping cupboard doors, and cleaning skirting boards.

Deep cleaning tasks should be scheduled several times every year. Despite your best efforts to stick to an everyday or regular cleaning task schedule, you will need deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is thorough and seeks to remove even ingrained dirt around the office. It includes server room cleaning, window cleaning (both indoor and outdoor), and carpet or upholstery cleaning.

Company Size, Waste Output and the Number of Employees

How big is your office space? The cleaning needs of a big company will differ from the cleaning services a small company will need. A small office space may need less laborious cleaning compared to a big company.

The output of your company will also determine how frequently you might need professional cleaning services. For example, if your company deals with food and there is a lot of food waste, you will need to schedule more frequent cleaning services than companies offering online services.

Additionally, the number of employees will also influence an office's cleaning needs. An office with many employees is prone to get dirty faster and may need more frequent cleaning services than an office with fewer employees.

Company Events

How often does your office hold events? Some offices hold frequent events, which will create the need for cleaning services. Company events like networking events, meetings, workshops, or office parties will need more cleaning during preparations.

If your office holds events frequently, you can have your cleaning schedule align with the events. Assuming the events happen quarterly, you can hire deep cleaners to match the events.