Mold Remediation: Why Have It Done On Your New Home?

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Mold Remediation: Why Have It Done On Your New Home?

1 March 2022
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When you buy a new home, what you don't see is just as concerning as what you do see when it comes to making the property safe to move into. You've had a home inspection on the house, but this doesn't mean that mold isn't still present, even if the home inspector didn't say anything about mold at all.

Mold remediation is the process of removing the mold in a home and may include the testing of mold to see what type it is. Even if mold appears very dangerous, most molds are not highly toxic or dangerous, although all molds should be taken seriously and removed as soon as they are spotted. While mold remediation will remove existing mold, the only way to keep mold from coming back is to keep the home ventilated and to keep moisture at bay, since this is what mold needs to thrive.

When you buy a new home, it's important to have mold remediation done. Here are some reasons why.

Your home may have a water issue you don't know about

Where mold is present, water is the main source, so knowing where water damage is in the home is important when you discover mold. A mold remediation specialist knows the hidden spots mold can be found that you and the previous homeowner of your property have likely missed, and you can not only have the mold taken care of, but you can also have any leaking pipes, moist insulation, and other issues taken care of due to the discovery of mold as well.

Your home will continue to have mold issues until you address them

What's clear is this: mold spores spread quickly and can thrive anywhere in the home there is moisture. This means mold found in the bathroom can spread to the kitchen, laundry area, or even a nearby closet, especially if there is poor ventilation in the space. If you want to keep mold from spreading in your new home — which is likely to happen if you don't even know where mold is in the first place — then have mold remediation done.

Your home inspector and previous homeowner of your new home may have missed mold, and you can live in your home for a while before you even think about having home remediation done. At the very least, have a mold inspection done on your home so you can see how bad of a mold problem you have and have issues fixed before they become very serious. For more information, contact a mold remediation specialist today.