Tile Cleaning Gets Out Deep Dirt In The Tiles And Grout So Your Floor Is Clean And Sanitary

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Tile Cleaning Gets Out Deep Dirt In The Tiles And Grout So Your Floor Is Clean And Sanitary

9 December 2022
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If you have your carpets cleaned professionally, you probably know professionals get better results than you do with DIY carpet cleaning. The same is true for cleaning tile floors. You can buy tile cleaning products and get on your hands and knees to scrub the tiles, but nothing beats using professional equipment. Here are some things to know about tile cleaning.

Professional Cleaning Cleans Both Tiles And Grout

If your tile floors have white grout, the grout may get dirty and unsanitary before the tiles do. However, tiles get dirty too, and since you live with your floors every day, you may not even notice how dirty they are until a professional gets out the deep dirt. In many cases, they can make the grout and tiles look bright and new again.

The Equipment Quickly Extracts The Water

Tile cleaning involves using floor cleaning equipment that cleans the tiles with water and a cleaning solution and then immediately pulls the water back up. This allows them to wash and deep clean the tiles without making a mess on your floor.

Your tiles will still be a little wet when the cleaning is finished, but they can be allowed to air dry. The cleaning company may set up a fan to dry your floor if necessary. Since floor tiles don't absorb water, you don't have to worry about the water harming your floor.

Keep Your Tiles Clean With Regular Service

You may want to have your tile floors cleaned once a year or so when you have your carpets cleaned. It depends on how quickly your floors get dirty and how quickly the grout gets dirt stains.

You may need the tiles cleaned more or less often, but the goal is to keep your floors looking nice and also to keep them as sanitary as possible, especially if you have kids that play on the floor.

Maintain Your Clean Floors Between Visits

You'll still need to clean your tile floor between visits from a tile cleaning professional. That's because tile floors get dirty fast from foot traffic, pets, and food spills. You should vacuum and mop the tiles regularly, but even when you do, your floors will hold on to some dirt that gradually gets embedded in the tiles and grout.

Still, DIY cleaning keeps your floors as clean as possible and helps prolong the time between professional visits. If your tile floors are old, they may need extra work such as restoring the grout with grout paint, sealing the tiles, and even repairing cracks and chips. Ask the tile cleaning company if they provide these extra services if you need them.

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