Tips For Having Your Specialty Rug Cleaned

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Tips For Having Your Specialty Rug Cleaned

15 February 2023
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Some rugs are more than just functional. They are beautiful pieces of art used to decorate your home and enhance its look. If you own a specialty rug like this, then you will want to be careful when having the rug cleaned. You want to ensure that the rug comes home not only clean but in great condition. Here are some tips you should follow in order to get that sort of result.

Make sure the company you hire is experienced with cleaning specialty rugs.

Some rug cleaning companies primarily clean rugs used in commercial spaces. They use cleaning practices that are quite a bit different from those you would want to be used on a delicate, high-end rug. There may be a lot of powerful brushes and strong detergents involved. You do not want to hire this sort of company to clean your delicate, high-end rugs. Instead, you want to look for a place that has experience with more delicate rugs. If they advertise themselves as offering cleaning for Persian rugs, hand-woven rugs, or artistic tapestry rugs, then they are the kind of cleaning company you're looking for.

Ask about pickup and drop-off procedures.

You don't always want to roll or fold specialty rugs. It can be hard on the backing. So, ask the specialty rug company how they want the rug dropped off. Is there a place in their shop where you can lay it down flat and prevent creasing? Additionally, ask how the rug will be brought back to you. If possible, you want the rug cleaning company to keep it relatively flat when they bring it back to you. Or, if they roll it, you will want their reassurance that it won't be rolled until it is entirely dry. (Rolling it while it is damp can lead to mold growth and overall structural damage.)

Make sure there's a guarantee.

Rug cleaning companies may offer some sort of guarantee that if your rug is damaged, they will reimburse you. This is definitely something to check for. Even the best cleaning companies can make mistakes, and if a mistake results in your rug shrinking, becoming stained, or developing some other sort of damage, then you want to ensure the damage is covered.

Taking care of your specialty rugs will help them look great and last even longer. Check for these things before you hire a professional rug cleaning company. For more information on specialized rug cleaning, contact a professional near you.