3 Ways A Pool Service Keeps Your Pool Clean

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3 Ways A Pool Service Keeps Your Pool Clean

26 May 2023
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If you're new to owning a backyard pool, or you've had one a long time and you're tired of all the maintenance, consider hiring a pool service to keep the water clear and sanitary. During the hot days of summer, you may need a pool service to visit as much as once a week. This keeps your pool ready for swimming any time you or your family feel like it.

There are two important aspects of pool maintenance: cleaning and balancing chemicals. If you don't have time to do both or you're uneasy about using the chemicals, then let a professional do the job so your pool won't become unsafe to use due to algae buildup. Here are three things a pool service can do.

1. Scrub The Sides And Bottom Of The Pool

After using the net to take out floating leaves and other debris, the service will use a long-handled brush to scrub the sides of the pool and the bottom. This is done to work algae and oils loose from the concrete pores.

Oils from sunscreen and lotion float on top of the water and come in contact with the sides of the pool and get stuck. This creates an oily ring around the pool that traps bugs and other light debris. This should be scraped off so it can go through the filter to be removed. You might consider running a pool vacuum too so the bottom of the pool stays clean.

2. Clean The Skimmer Box And Basket

If leaves are a problem in your pool, the skimmer may need to be cleaned nearly every day. However, cleaning at least once a week is important or problems could arise with clogging. Cleaning involves removing visible debris from the skimmer box and then pulling out the basket to check it.

Debris should be dumped out and small debris picked out of the basket if it's stuck so the basket is free of debris that could get sucked further down the line. The pool service may go further and clean the second basket that's in the filter pump. This gets rid of anything that got past the first basket.

3. Clean The Pool Filter

The pool service may backwash the filter on each visit. This is a way of rinsing the filter to get rid of sediment. They may clean the filter less often, but it should be done regularly so the filter can work as it should. This might entail hosing off the filter or using cleaning chemicals on it that break down hard water minerals. The chemicals might be sprayed on and then rinsed off after a few minutes or the filter might be placed in a solution to soak.