Do You Need To Clean Out Your Gutters? Know The Signs

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Do You Need To Clean Out Your Gutters? Know The Signs

15 June 2023
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Every homeowner needs to take on the responsibility of cleaning out their gutters. However, you may be wondering how you know it's time to clean your gutters without climbing up a ladder and checking them out close up, which is something you may not want to do due to the risk involved. Here are a few indications that you need to have your gutters professionally cleaned.  

Overflowing Gutters

An incredibly obvious sign that your gutters are clogged is if they are overflowing. This will happen during a rainfall where the water doesn't flow toward the downspout but spills over the side of the gutters instead. This is likely happening because the downspout is clogged with debris and the water has nowhere to go. Have your gutters cleaned as soon as possible because overflowing gutters can lead to water infiltration in unintended places. 

Water Infiltration

Those overflowing gutters will cause water to pool against the foundation of your home, rather than flow away from the foundation. Signs of water infiltration in your basement could mean that the gutters are clogged and overflowing. This can cause some major damage to your home that will require extensive repair, so unclog those gutters immediately. 

Sagging Gutters

Debris is not meant to collect in your gutters, since it adds a ton of weight to the material that is just meant to redirect water. Excess debris combined with water can cause those gutters to sag in places, which will prevent the water from flowing to the downspouts even when the debris has been removed. Sagging gutters are not just an indication that you need to clean them out, but they may need repair as well.

Plant Growth

Take a look at your gutters from the ground. Do you see small plants growing out of them? This is likely due to there being enough debris in the gutters that seeds from nearby trees have started to grow in the gutters. This is not good, because it means that the gutters have been clogged for so long that plants have been able to thrive. 

Nesting Animals 

It's also possible for animals to create nests in the gutters, which prevent water from flowing to the downspouts. If you notice that animals are frequently traveling to your gutters, it's possible that they are doing so because they've made a nice nest for themselves. You'll definitely want to have your gutters cleaned to fix this problem.

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