Yes, Dirty Carpet Can Be Harmful To Your Health

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Yes, Dirty Carpet Can Be Harmful To Your Health

30 June 2023
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If your carpet is dirty, you have to worry about more than just your carpet looking bad. Carpeting that is full of dirt, bacteria, and other debris can also pose notable health concerns. When you consider just how much dirt you track into your home from the bottom of your shoes, it is not hard to see just how nasty dirty carpets can be. Learn why it is so important to have your carpets cleaned. 

Allergy Triggers 

If there is one positive for allergy sufferers, it would have to be that as long as they stay away from their triggers, they can remain relatively symptom-free. For many people, this safe place is indoors. Carpet fibers work as somewhat of an attractant in that allergens, and other airborne particles can attach to the fibers. 

As you might imagine, allergens in the carpet can trigger allergy symptoms. Instead of feeling comfortable at home, you could experience some of the same issues as you would if you were outdoors, including itchy eyes and sneezing. Carpet cleaning can help remove these allergens. 

Respiratory Issues

For people with respiratory issues, excessively dirty carpets can also create breathing concerns. As debris collects inside the carpet fibers, bacteria, and moisture can also settle in. These elements can produce a foul odor, but they can also spur mold growth.

For any person with respiratory sensitivities, even a few mold spores are enough to create issues. On the mild side, these issues could be something as minor as a cough, but on the severe end, breathing difficulty could be an issue. Given the increased risk for people in this category, routine carpet cleaning is recommended.

Infection Risks

Dirty carpets can also increase the risk of an infection or other illness in some situations for animals and humans alike. For pets, particularly young puppies, certain bacteria in the carpet can cause your pet to become sick, especially if there are things like decaying food trapped in the fibers. 

For humans, bacteria in the carpet can also trigger a skin infection. Additionally, if your pet is infected and they have an accident on the carpet, if they are a carrier, some of these infections can be passed on to you. Having your carpet clean will keep you and your pet safer.

Make sure you have your carpets professionally cleaned so that your floors not only look good but are also safe for your family.