A Little Bit Of Water Damage Restoration Work Can Stop A Big Problem

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A Little Bit Of Water Damage Restoration Work Can Stop A Big Problem

24 April 2017
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Water restoration work is common when major floods and plumbing disasters create chaos in a home. Not every problem in a home has to be of huge proportions. Seemingly small plumbing problems can and do lead to serious water damage. In addition, the presence of moisture in the home could lead to a number of serious problems. Those who notice consistent leak underneath the kitchen sink should not dismiss the importance of calling in a water damage restoration team to help mitigate the problem. If not, then the problem could get far worse requiring even more extensive and costly repairs.

Leaks and Related Damage

The drain underneath a sink might create a minor problem from a plumbing perspective. In other words, replacing the drain and the connected section of piping won't be a big job. This does not mean the impact of the drain leak is minor. The water has to go somewhere. If the water is constantly hitting the wood sections of a cabinet the drain is connected to, this is going to cause serious issues. The wood may end up warped and rotting. The entire cabinet may end up needing to be replaced. And this might not be the extent of the troubles.

Damage Spreads in Many Ways

Over time, consistently dripping water soaks into the wood, tiling, and other materials. Dampness spreads far beyond the kitchen sink and cabinet area. The dampness may even spread to the walls. A great many problems could emerge from this situation. Rotting drywall eventually crumbles. Even worse, wooden beams in the walls may end up rotting as well. Mold, too, may grow and spread causing more devastation to the wood. Homeowners who ignore leaks in a sink drain allow this problem to fester. Fixing the drain ends the continuance of further water, but does nothing to the water and dampness soaked into the wood. Mercifully, a solution does exist.

The Professional Solution

A "scaled down" water restoration job may effectively address all the problems inherent with dampened wood. The task at hand clearly would be as extensive as flood restoration work since the amount of water damage is not as severe. Using industrial grade humidifiers and anti-mold agents, a professional team could curtail the spread of any damage rather quickly. If wood is in terrible condition, the team may be able to rip it out and install a replacement.

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