6 Things You Shouldn't Assume About Crime Scene Cleanup Services

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6 Things You Shouldn't Assume About Crime Scene Cleanup Services

20 October 2022
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It's important that you know the truth about crime scene cleanup services if a crime that requires cleanup has occurred on your property. Don't make incorrect assumptions about crime scene cleanup or else it could complicate the situation for you.

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about crime scene cleanup services. 

"It's OK to do your own crime scene cleanup."

Crime scene cleanup should be left to the professionals. Not only does crime scene cleanup often require the removal of bodily fluids, but it also may need to be done according to regulations and in cooperation with any criminal investigations. 

Attempting to do your own crime scene cleanup is risky and could leave you responsible for violating important regulations in your area. 

"Crime scene cleanup supplies are available to average consumers."

Crime scene cleanup services may need to use cleaning products that are more powerful than products available to the average consumer. Industrial-strength cleaners such as enzyme cleaners may need to be used. These are products that consumers should not attempt to use if they don't have specialized training in crime scene cleanup. 

"Law enforcement personnel always make arrangements for crime scene cleanup."

Unfortunately, law enforcement personnel don't always handle crime scene cleanup for property owners. If you own a property where a crime has occurred, you may find that you're responsible for cleaning up the area yourself. 

"Property owners don't have to pay for crime scene cleanup themselves."

Not only are property owners often responsible for arranging for crime scene cleanup, but they may also have to pay for it. You can't assume that law enforcement or municipal authorities will pay for you to have your property cleaned up after a crime has occurred on your property. 

"You can clean up a crime scene on your property whenever you want."

It's important that you don't arrange for crime scene cleanup until you have the go-ahead from local law enforcement.

Law enforcement personnel will need to get evidence from the crime scene. Cleaning up the crime scene can destroy this evidence. That's why you shouldn't assume that you can clean up a crime scene on your property right away. 

"Crime scene cleanup services are too expensive for typical property owners."

Although you may need to pay for crime scene cleanup yourself, you may find that such services are more affordable for you than you had at first anticipated. It's also important to note that home insurance will cover crime scene cleanup service costs in many situations so that homeowners don't have to pay out of pocket.

Reach out to crime scene cleanup services to learn more.