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3 Tips For Pressure Washing Your Commercial Location

31 December 2017
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Using a pressure washer to clean your commercial location is an excellent idea. It can clean several different aspects of your location, and it cleans better than a lot of other cleaning tools. Here are three tips for pressure washing your commercial location.  Pressure Wash During Slow Hours  Pressure washing your commercial location is quite the task, and it can take a good chunk of your time. Because of this, you want to do all that you can to avoid disturbances and obstacles when power washing. Read More …

Have A Fireplace In Your Commercial Building? 4 Reasons You Need To Have The Chimney Cleaned This Winter

18 December 2017
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If you own a commercial building, you're probably on top of most of the maintenance issues that can interfere with your business. You know that issues with your roof, electrical, or plumbing, can all pose serious problems when it comes to running a business. However, if you have a fireplace in your commercial building, you might not realize that the chimney can also pose serious risks for your business. That's why it's so important that you have your commercial chimney cleaned once a year. Read More …

Tips To Help You Keep Your Enterprise Clean

5 November 2017
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It can be a constant struggle for business owners to effectively and efficiently keep their enterprises clean and organized. When meeting this need of your business, you may want to be mindful of several important tips and factors so that you can be as effective as possible at keeping your business's interior sanitary and orderly. Keep Any Equipment Dusted You may have an assortment of equipment and other tools around your office or business. Read More …

What Could Cold Weather Mean For Your Facility’s Carpet?

26 September 2017
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The return of cold weather means you must be hypervigilant about your facility's carpet. There are several issues that could leave the carpet unattractive and unsanitary for your staff and customers. To help you stay on top of the possible issues that could occur, here is what you need to know about maintaining the carpeting throughout the winter months: What Could Happen? With the cold weather comes special challenges to keeping your facility's carpet clean, such as salt stains. Read More …

How To Keep Your Carpet Clean With A Hairball-Prone Cat

1 August 2017
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A cat who is prone to hairballs can spell disaster for your carpet. Even after you clean up the hairball, there is likely to be some residue and staining left behind from the bits of cat food that came up with it. If you do not want your carpet to look like a speckled, spotted rug -- and getting rid of the cat is not an option -- then follow these tips to help keep your carpet clean. Read More …