After struggling for months to take care of my messy home, I realized that I had been doing things wrong my entire life. I would often find myself going through different cleaning tasks over and over again, when they could have been done once the right way. However, after studying cleaning and working hard to create a better home, I could tell that things were starting to improve. This blog is all about understanding cleaning services and getting the job done the right way the first time. Check it out to make your home a more comfortable, luxurious place in less time than you think.

When To Suspect Your Air Ducts Have Mold And How They Can Be Cleaned

2 December 2018
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If your home has had recent water damage from a burst pipe or a flood, then you know there's a possibility of mold growing in hidden areas. If there was mold on the floor, walls, or upholstery, then spores wafted through the air. Spores may have spread during the cleanup process or because of interior demolition and construction. One likely place that the mold spores landed is in your air ducts, especially if you run the HVAC to dry out your house. Read More …

Looking To Hire A Home Cleaning Service To Help With Holiday Cleaning? Be Sure To Ask These Three Questions First

5 November 2018
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The holiday season can be a hectic, stressful time. If you are trying to get everything done but don't have enough time, a home cleaning service can help you with your chore list. They can clean your home so it will be immaculate for your family and friends. But before you hire any cleaning service, there are three important questions you must first ask. Here are the three questions you must ask and the reasons each of these questions is important. Read More …

Mistakes To Avoid When Keeping Your Wool Carpet Clean

14 October 2018
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If you have recently moved into a home with wool carpet, you may be a little uncertain as to how to keep it clean without harming its appearance or fibers. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while trying to keep your wool carpet clean. Setting the Vacuum Cleaner's Height Too Low One of the key ways you can keep your wool carpet clean and looking lustrous is to vacuum it regularly. Read More …

What To Ask Your Commercial Cleaning Company About

18 September 2018
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If you own or manage a commercial property, then it's your responsibility to ensure that every building gets cleaned at least once a week. However, it may be nice to have them cleaned at the end of each and every day. If you are in the market for a new commercial cleaning company to help you get the job done, then this article is for you. To ensure that you get the ultimate commercial cleaning experience, this article will list a few different things to ask them about. Read More …

Floor Cleaning Basics: What To Think About Before Choosing A Cleaning Product

25 August 2018
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When it comes to keeping your floors clean, there are a lot of options for cleaning solutions. Unfortunately, many of them have chemicals in them that you might not want to use in your home or office building. It can be difficult to know what is acceptable to use on your floors and what might cause damage or leave an unsightly film behind. Before you jump to buying or making the first cleaning solution you come across, here are some tips to help you avoid a floor-cleaning disaster: Read More …